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Alcoholic beverages in the UK have always been popular amongst consumers but one market that seems to continually thrive is the wine industry.

Consumer expenditure of alcoholic beverages is thought to be over £40bn. The average annual consumption of wine per person is 27.9 litres and demand for this beverage doesn’t seem to be wavering.

Wine, as we know, comes in a variety of flavours, brands and colours. And consumers usually identify different types of wine for different occasions. A crisp white wine could be enjoyed at a summer party, a rose wine on an evening out with friends, a red wine over dinner and sparkling wine is usually poured when there is something to celebrate! Either way wine is one of the most versatile alcoholic drinks in the UK. It can be enjoyed all year round and is popular with both men and women.

With party season on the way many consumers will now be looking to stock up on winter supplies. Consumers usually look to supermarkets and big chains to secure reasonable prices and wholesale buyers can have a fraction of this market by finding wholesale suppliers and products at competitive prices.

The team at Wholesale Scout completed a case study on wholesale wine back in 2010 and found a variety of suppliers. Browse the website to find their details or head straight to the wholesale spirits and tobacco products page to find out more.

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