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As party season approaches thousands of consumers across the country will be looking to purchase designer cosmetics at high street prices.

The winter season sees parties hosted all over the country and so there is an increase in demand for cosmetics from consumers. Lipsticks, concealer, eye liner and mascara are just a few regular additions to most makeup bags and so these items are worth investing in.

The cosmetics industry is worth over £1bn to UK retailers and the winter months is one of the busiest times for the industry as consumers will also be looking for Christmas presents as well as stocking up their own supplies.

Besides the usual every day makeup, products like fake tan and body moisturiser are also proven to be very popular with consumers. And with high street prices not dropping until the New Year consumers are likely to shop online for a bargain. And this is where resellers can really maximise on sales by contacting wholesale suppliers.

We have found a number of suppliers that can offer high-end cosmetics at competitive prices like this MAC eye shadow and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

If you want to contact these suppliers and get stocking up on products then why not register today and browse our wholesale directory.

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