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How to Import for Your Wholesale Business

Importing goods from China can create very healthy profit margins for your wholesale business. But if you have never imported before it can be quite daunting. Here are some tips on how to import for your wholesale business.

Wholesale Suppliers

The first thing to do – just like when you are ordering a product from the UK – is to find the best wholesale suppliers. Do your research by searching the internet, wholesale directories and networking with your contacts in the industry to find out supplier details. Ensure you do your research on them by looking at other customer reviews and product reviews before placing an order.

Wholesale Samples

If you have never used this supplier before it is a good idea to request wholesale samples. Wholesale samples allow you to check a product before you place a large order for it – there could be a small fee for this but it is definitely worth the spend. Ordering samples will also give you an idea of the wholesalers delivery times and reliability.


Check out the wholesaler’s delivery terms by contacting them directly. You need to know the cost of this to avoid any surprises when it comes to paying for the products. There are a variety of ways to ship your products – by air or sea – so spend time researching this before you make a purchase.

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