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Popular Wholesale Christmas Products

The run up to Christmas sees a variety of products soaring off of retailers’ shelves. For wholesale buyers this is one of the busiest and most lucrative times of year so below we have listed some items that usually sell well during the festive period to help you keep ahead of the competition.


Alcoholic beverages sell all year round but they are especially popular during Christmas. Thousands of consumers buy alcohol during the festive season to stock up for yuletide celebrations and parties. So for resellers this can be very lucrative – find wholesale alcohol suppliers that can offer competitive prices and you should see your sales boost.

Party Supplies

Whether it’s hosting a big corporate event or putting on a small gathering, consumers all over the UK look for fancy dress and party supplies during the build up to Christmas. Most people look to sites like eBay to buy these products as they are a one-time purchase. So consider sourcing these and listing them online.


Decorations, whether it’s wholesale Christmas lights, tinsel or mistletoe, are popular. Consumers hit high street stores and shop online for bargains so be sure to stay ahead of your competitors by sourcing wholesale suppliers.


Food is very popular during this time of year. Treats like mince pies, chocolate and sweets are all sought after and we have a variety of wholesale food suppliers that can help you keep up with demand.

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