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Electronics is an extremely hard sector to break into – one search through eBay will show you that it’s unfortunately all about price and the customer is king. The rise of online giants such as Play and Amazon have also meant that the small trader has to try extra hard just to attract a sale. With profit margins generally between 3% and 10% you need to shift items in large volumes to make a decent return. So many would-be traders choose not to follow an electronics resale route due to the difficulties of establishing a foot-hold in the sector. What would you say if we at could find you a supplier of Microsoft products selling items in bulk to the trade at just 4% of retail price? I’m sure you would jump at the chance to buy these products. Well this is exactly what we have done and without much further adieu here are the details;

Microsoft Customer Return Pallets

These pallets are delivered to the supplier by the container and each pallet is unique in what it contains however each pallet has an estimated RRP of £7000 with 150-400 products per pallet.

Contents can include;

Microsoft – Software, for example Windows / Office.
Microsoft – Xbox 360 accessories (controllers/cables/memory)
Microsoft – Wireless/Wired Keyboards
Microsoft – Optical/Bluetooth/wireless Notebook & Desktop Mice
Microsoft – Presentation devices
Microsoft – Bluetooth headsets
Microsoft – USB finger print readers
Microsoft – Headsets
Microsoft – Webcams

The RRP of the stock when new is typically £6,000-£11,000 per pallet.

The stock will be customer returns, untested, from UK and EUROPE. However, as is usually the case with hardware, it is expected that most stock is working and the user was having software problems. From previous experience, 75%-95% of stock is fully working. Viewing or collection of the stock is welcome, please call the supplier to arrange a mutually convenient time.


£300 FOR 1-2 PALLETS
£280 FOR 3-5 PALLETS
£260 FOR 6-10 PALLETS
Contact supplier for 11+ PALLETS

Delivery cost is £40-£70 per pallet (mainland UK)

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