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Invest in Water for a Summer of Sales

Although at times the British weather may not show it summer is fast approaching and we at have been searching for great products that could make our users a healthy profit over the summer months. According to the Met Office this summer is going to be a real scorcher so what better area to retail in than the hydration market. As the temperatures rise you’ll see hydration products flying off the shelves and a great return on your investment. The bottled water market alone is worth £2 billion to the UK retail market.

So what is this wonderful product that’s going to help you break into this lucrative market? It’s the new innovative Hydropal Water Bottle. This ingenious new product filters ordinary tap water to bottled standard all in a handy sports-style water bottle housing. The bottle works by having a carbon activated filter in the lid which filters the chlorine, volatile chemical compounds and bad odours that are often found in tap water giving the drinker fresh pure water wherever they are.

This item will sell well to campers (there’ll be plenty of them in Britain this year), fitness fanatics and to anyone who wants to ensure they drink their 1.5 litres a day of H2O. This item can also be pitched to environmentalist as the ever increasing amount of plastic water bottles filling up our landfill sites is starting to become a real problem not to mention the carbon foot-print of a bottle of mineral water. Offer environmentalists the chance to drink filtered water straight from the tap!

These items are available from a recommended wholesale supplier at a trade price of £6 per unit, their RRP is £12.99 and are currently selling on eBay for £9.99. Judging by demand and current sales on eBay we think you could sell between 30 and 40 units per week (probably more in the summer) at a profit of at least £4 per unit – that’s around £150 per week on just one item!

Here are the details;

The Hydropal Water Bottle Wholesale Supplier is offering this as a just in brand new product and as such it is not currently listed on our recommended wholesalers website yet so please call or email to place your trade order.


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