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World of WarCraft Can Open Up a World of Sales

Gaming is a massive industry, perhaps one of the biggest in the consumer retail sector. During 2008 UK consumers spent almost £1.8 billion on software alone! The figures don’t lie, this is truly a bulging market but it has to be noted that they do not tell the whole story. As this sector is so popular it has inevitably attracted many traders and re-sellers – all competing fiercely for a share of this billion pound market. This has unfortunately (for the trader) resulted in a buyer’s market – where computer games can be bought at a fraction above wholesale price by the consumer from eBay or one of the retail giants like As a result any new trader to the sector has to come to the terms with a low mark-up and high turnover strategy to enjoy any sizeable amount of profit. However, even in these dark economic times, there are products which can enable the savvy re-seller to make a good return and guarantee him return customers. It is with this in mind that we have uncovered a trade source for this month’s case study product.

World of Warcraft, for those that don’t know, is the world’s most popular multiplayer online role playing game with over 11 million subscribers world-wide. Players partake in this virtual world by controlling a character from the third person point of view where they can fully interact with a rendered 3D landscape, other gamers or computer controlled characters plus complete tasks and quests. Players maintain their access to the game by regularly subscribing – this is done by purchasing so called ‘CD Keys’ these keys are a code generated by the game makers which when entered into the system will allow the gamer to play for a pre-defined length of time (usually 30 or 60 days). Due the addictiveness of the game and the exuberant nature of the gamers this results in any one player purchasing multiple keys throughout a given year in order to continue their gaming experience. So what does this mean for you? In essence it allows a retailer to rely on repeat sales from their customers. If a gamer has bought a well priced CD Key from you in the past they will certainly come back to buy another one when it has expired. Repeat sales mean repeat profits and often result in your happy customer referring their friends to your retail setup.

Interested in grabbing a piece of this massive market? Here are the supplier details;

Product available from World of Warcraft CD Key Wholesale Supplier

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