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Drive your way to success with the all new Glideball

Golf is an ever popular sport with the number of people in the UK playing regularly rising every year to a now unprecedented 1.5 million golfers hitting UK courses a few times or more every year. The retail market in this industry sector is worth around £350 million each year in the UK alone – how about cutting yourself a piece of this thriving market? has found a product which can give its’ users the opportunity to profit from this lucrative sector. The innovative Glideball Portable Driving Range is a new product which allows golfers to practice striking a real golf ball in the comfort of their own home or office without the fear of wrecking the place! The Glideball works on a pulley system where after the ball is struck it safely returns to the tee-ing off zone ready for another swing.

This product has been selling very well in the US with some great publicity for the brand, now has found a UK based golf sporting equipment supplier enabling you to cash in on this golf phenomenon. This product is currently retailing at £170 in golf stores Kayo Export is now offering the Glideball to trade buyers at just £39 +VAT – that’s 66% below retail! This product is also selling well on eBay at a price of around £100 so you can certainly make a 50%+ return on your investment even if you sold in the world’s most competitive market place!

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