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Follow the Ryder Cup and Source Wholesale Golfing Equipment

The last few days has seen interest in golf soar across the country, as the Ryder Cup 2012 has been in full swing.

The Ryder Cup came to a sensational conclusion at the weekend as Europe managed to claw back the points and a victory over the USA.

With Europe’s success came plenty of support and enthusiasm from UK fans. Thousands of people took to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to express their support. But not only are consumers supporting the sport, many have shown passion for taking part. This industry is already worth a whopping £350 million in the UK and that figure seems to be growing.

After the weekend’s results, no doubt thousands of fans will be looking to take to golf courses and putting greens and an obvious purchase during this time will be golfing equipment.

High street stores stock golfing items all year round but many consumers search online to get these items at a fraction of the price. That’s where resellers can really start to boost sales.

Golf balls, drivers, clubs, polo shirts and golf bags will all be sought after so finding the right wholesale suppliers could definitely boost your sales and profit. With Christmas approaching, these items may also be sought after as gift items. And with no expiration date on their popularity, it doesn’t hurt to bulk up your inventory.

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