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How to Verify a Wholesale Supplier

If you are just starting out as a wholesale buyer, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. There are so many wholesale suppliers out there – how do you know you are contacting the right one? And how do you know they are legitimate? Here’s a few ways you can verify a wholesale supplier.

Talk to Them

Instigating conversation with your wholesale supplier is a good idea if you haven’t already got a working relationship with them. Ask them questions about products, about their delivery times and about upcoming stock. If they answer with something that sounds a bit odd – verify this with other suppliers or contacts you have made in the industry.


Track down wholesaler reviews and see what other people in the industry are saying about this wholesaler. Do their products arrive on time? Do they communicate regularly? What are their returns policies? Finding out what other people in the industry think will give you a good indication as to whether your supplier can be trusted.


Asking for wholesale samples is a great way to try before you buy. Most wholesalers will happily oblige but if you are dealing with a supplier who is very reluctant, you have to ask why.

Website Checks

Most businesses nowadays will have a website so you should check this. Look at products they are advertising – do they correlate with what they told you on the phone? Do their terms and conditions relate to what they have told you? Another great thing to check for is customer testimonials as these can help to boost buying confidence.

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