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Wholesale Halloween Season Is Upon Us

It’s come around so quickly but Halloween season is almost here which means people will be looking for costume and outfit ideas during the coming months.

Halloween, although traditionally more popular in America, has become a popular party season here in the UK. Whether it’s throwing a party, attending a party or going on a Halloween inspired holiday – the vast majority of UK consumers seem to love this scary time of year.

And that’s reflected in the figures. The Halloween industry is now worth over £300m in the UK and only comes third to Christmas and Easter. Ten years ago the industry was worth £10m so the growth has been huge! This could be down to film and cinema influence – films like Twilight and Harry Potter have dominated our screens during the past decade. Or it could just be an organic growth – either way there are big profits to be had.

Confectionary, pumpkins, Halloween outfits and party goods are all purchased during the lead up to Halloween so resellers can definitely take a bite of sales by finding wholesale suppliers.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found some Halloween wholesale suppliers who offer a variety of Halloween goods at competitive prices so get browsing the wholesale directory to boost your inventory today.

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