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How to Source Local Suppliers

With the internet becoming an integral part of how most businesses operate it can be easy to stick to searching for a wholesale supplier online.

But you shouldn’t ignore offline suppliers that could, potentially, be right under your nose.

Wholesale buyers will often operate an online business. While offering services like dropshipping can be great, it can make it very easy to avoid interacting with people and can lead to sticking to business over the net.

But you can find good wholesale suppliers offline and you probably don’t have to go far. Many towns and villages operate local markets where suppliers can be found. Why not find out from your council whether this sort of activity happens where you live? If so you should head there with a notepad and pen and look out for suppliers. It might not be a very big market but all you need is one great supplier to start upping your sales.

The Yellow Pages is also a valuable tool to use during your search. Many wholesale businesses still list ads in here so you should ensure you check it regularly.

All of these search tactics can be beneficial for your business because you won’t have as much competition. Millions of people are online every day trying to do business so why not try a different route? You might find it’s more successful.

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