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Choosing a Dropshipping Company

We’ve already covered working with reputable dropshipping companies but what about choosing the right company for your business?

As well as having a good reputation and being reliable, dropshipping companies should compliment your business and be fairly simple to deal with. But every wholesale buying business is different and so, before you start offering dropshipping to your customers, you need to think about what works best for you.

Volume of Stock Available

As a wholesale buyer you will obviously be looking for stock. But every business is different including the size. If you are a big business you need to look for a dropshipping company that can meet your demands for stock. If you are regularly buying big pallets of stock you will need to look for a company that can handle your requests and perhaps provide discount for large orders. If you are a smaller business look at dropshipping companies that can take smaller orders and try and shop around for the best prices.

Good Rapport

Just like when you are dealing with a wholesale supplier, good rapport and a relationship will often make you a happier customer. There may be times that you need to regularly contact the dropshipping company and you need to be confident that you are speaking to someone helpful.


Depending on your wholesale business, you may need stock delivered quite rapidly. Check the dropshipping company’s policies and terms and see if they can match your customer’s demands.


Like anything it’s crucial that you do your research to get the best deals. Surf the internet and network to find out names of competitively prices companies. Dropshipping companies should not charge extortionate fees for samples either so be wary of this.

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