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SEO Tips for Your Wholesale Business

Whether you have a new wholesale web business or are looking into setting one up, you’ll need to use SEO on your website to increase your website presence.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to your website ranking on the internet. Using SEO skills, you can alter your organic (unpaid) presence on the web – including text, website pages, key phrases and images. The higher up your website is on search terms relevant to your industry, the more visitors you should get to your site. Most online businesses will have a paid campaign via Google and pay for clicks. But SEO can be a good way of boosting traffic for free.


• Find a suitable URL link. When creating a wholesale website you need to find a URL that refers to your business. Try and find a URL address that allows you to use your company name as this will make it easier for customers to find you.

• Use key phrases and words. Using key phrases within your website content is important in order to boost website visitors and traffic. If you are running a wholesale website and specialise in electrical products, then ensure your website content features electrical products. Many websites create a blog, where content can be created and updated daily. You can talk about your products, news items or industry news.

• Write product descriptions. If you are posting product pictures on your website include a description as this will help your web page rankings.

• Use keywords. Keywords relate to you industry, the products you are offering and how you want people to find you. Your keywords can be highlighted and can link back to pages on your website to boost traffic. For example, if you have a wholesale business that sells clothing; keywords you will want to focus on are wholesale clothing, clothing wholesale, wholesale footwear etc Target the key words you want to use and start trialling them on your website.

• Use video. Video content can help to build your brand awareness. Consider using video to promote your products.

While SEO can be beneficial the crucial aspect of it is regular updates. If you want to make your online wholesale business a success, ensure you update your products regularly and keep content exciting and current.

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