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Grab a Bargain for Your Wholesale Business at Auctions This Week

Auctions are a great way of sourcing cheap products. If you are looking for a bargain for your wholesale business, auctions are definitely a good place to start.

Auctions can hold a variety of different products and can be found all over the country. In order to maximise your chances of securing a good deal, you should research the auction before you attend and ensure the products fit with your inventory.

Some auctions can also be found online. This week The Best Contract Furniture auction will be hosted online for two days only and will be finishing on Wednesday. If you are planning on stocking up on wholesale furniture or hospitality equipment this auction could be worth a visit.

The auction will see surplus stock cleared out including both new and second hand items. The auction is designed to sell off items quickly to make way for furniture purchased from the Olympic village.

The Best Contract Furniture auction will stock hotel accessories including tables, chairs, outdoor furniture, leather sofas and tub chairs. This stock is sought after by many people working in the service industry and if you have the storage space it’s definitely worth investing in.

Other products to be displayed in the auction include contract gym and catering equipment.

Although auctions can be a great place to spot trending items at cheap prices, auction items don’t usually stay around for long. Because of the potential profit margins, auctions can be very competitive and you need to start your bidding early.

If you want to attend an auction this week why not read our auction buying tips to ensure you make the best purchases.

Browse the wholesale directory to find other auction related tips and start boosting your stock today.

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