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Where to Sell Your Wholesale Products

If you have just started a wholesale business you may be wondering where to sell your products after you have sourced them via a wholesale supplier. Check out the list below for some ideas of where to sell!

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are a great place to take your wholesale products and sell on to the public. They are usually open throughout the summer – but be sure to keep an eye on the weather. If it rains it’s likely the car boot sale will be called off. They usually happen over a weekend and if you are selling products you’ll pay a small admin fee – usually between £5 – £10. Once there you can unload your products onto your table and members of the public will browse them and hopefully buy! If you are planning to attend a car boot sale you’ll need to mark down your prices as most people will be looking for a bargain!


Markets run all over the country and you’ll usually find a variety of stalls including fruit and veg, cheese and jewellery. You may need to apply for a permit if you are planning on having a stall so check with the relevant council before trading.

Your Own Store

Setting up your own store can be very rewarding. You can usually lease a store space in your local area but ensure you do a budget as having a store comes with overheads like rent and bills.

Industrial Estate

Some industrial states offer retail sites where you can temporarily sell stock. Do your research by networking in the local area and visiting industrial parks to find out what is on offer.


Most wholesale buyers use their own website or websites like eBay to sell products from. It’s fast, relatively cheap and, as most people shop online today, gives you good access to potential customers. If you are thinking of setting up a website read our advice article on e-Commerce websites.

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