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Find Wholesale Footwear

Footwear is popular all year round but it’s sought after more during the winter months. Footwear is bought by consumers to improve walking in icy weather conditions and it’s also a popular gift at Christmas.

Footwear can come in all shapes and sizes but in order to boost your wholesale business and sales, you should research trends and find out what consumers are buying.

Designer trainers are always a popular purchase. Nike, Adidas, DC, Puma… the list of popular sport and trainer brands goes on! Many celebrities endorse brands which also boosts brand popularity.

High street stores stock trainers and footwear all year round but with many consumers looking for a bargain, the main place consumers go to purchase is online. Online stores usually offer discounts and during the festive period it also allows consumers to shop without queues and provides an easier purchasing option.

If you haven’t already got an online presence for your wholesale business consider using websites like eBay to list your products.

As well as trainers, walking boots are very popular during the colder months and if purchased at the right price can provide a healthy profit margin.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found a variety of wholesale suppliers offering these products at the best prices. And with only a few weeks to go until Christmas it’s worth browsing and stocking up your inventory now.

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