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Stock Up on Wholesale Products Ahead of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and millions of consumers will be heading to the shops and looking online for the perfect gift.

At this time of year celebrities and companies all cash in on the popularity of Mother’s Day. Whether it’s launching a book, a DVD or offering pamper days – most companies and celebrities try to capitalise on this period and increase sales. And for wholesale buyers this is potentially a lucrative time of year too. Many consumers look online for products and therefore using your own eCommerce business or selling on other sites could be a good profit maker this month.

There are a variety of products that are sold in high volumes for this occasion. Chocolates, flowers, CDs, DVDs and books are all popular purchases for Mother’s Day. On average at this time of year, consumers apparently spend a whopping £110m on fresh cut flowers. A recent survey also suggested that Mother’s Day is the most popular spring occasion when it comes to sending greeting cards. In 2011 nearly £60m was spent on Mother’s Day cards in the UK.

For resellers looking for a boost in business this month, targeting popular Mother’s Day items could translate into some quick sales. Other popular products at this time of year include pamper gift packs, jewellery, clothes, cuddly toys, wine and sweets.

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