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How to Sell Wholesale Products at Events

One of the best places to sell your wholesale products is an event. Whether it’s a football game, summer event, music concert or festival – events are a great place to capture audiences and to make some quick sales. So if you want to sell at an event check out these tips to help.


If you want to sell your products at an event you need to look into what license you may need. Just like when you sell on a market stall, you should check with the local council about licensing and ensure you are permitted to sell on the site. Look online or phone your local council to find out prices – you can usually get a one or two day license if you are only planning to be on location for the event. You should also check with the event organisers about selling and they may be able to advise a spot.


You need to pick a spot to sell your goods and it needs to be one where you are easily visible. For instance, if you are planning on selling at a football game, you shouldn’t be tucked away down a street nobody is going to walk down! You need to be on the route people walk along (so they have easy access) or right outside the venue. People won’t come looking for your products so you need to be very visible.


Whether you are selling hot dogs or t-shirts, the public need to know where you are and what you are offering them. Ensure you use clear and easy to read labels to promote your business so people can head straight to you.


You need to research into what products you are planning to sell and contact wholesalers well in advance. You may already have items you plan to sell on but if not, try and research the event to find out what the public may be wanting to buy. Gimmick items at low prices always do well at events. If you are selling at a music concert consider stocking banners, glow sticks or whistles. If you are selling at a football match why not try selling club merchandise or scarves. If you want to do business at a music festival, look into food and drink and clothing. Whatever event you want to attend, do your research and know the audience so you can maximise your profits.


People at events have already spent a lot to get there so trying to sell products at high prices may not lead to many sales. Instead try and price them competitively – you’ll probably have competition on the day too so you need to ensure people are buying your products. Make the pricing as attractive as possible. Although the margins may be smaller than you’d like, volume should help to increase profits.

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