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Find Profit in Flowers at Valentines

They are perhaps a product that’s not on everyone’s radar, when a lot of people think ‘buying wholesale’ their first thoughts go towards products like electronics and clothing not perishable items such as flowers. Maybe it is because they have a limited shelf life that many wholesale buyers skip past the flower sector? Or is it because the flower industry is simply overlooked by budding traders? When recent reports from the UK Flowers & Plants Association puts the market consumer spend in Great Britain on fresh cut flowers and indoor plants at £2.2bn per year (thats more than the UK music industry) can you afford to miss out on this sector?

With these staggering figures in mind and the fact that Valentine’s Day, a massive sales event in every florist’s calendar, is nearly upon us the Wholesale Scout research team set about seeking out a first class wholesale supplier of a wide range of fresh cut flowers at profitable trade prices. The supplier also needed to have the ability to work with small start up traders as well as long established bigger businesses so that any of our wholesale buying members could take advantage of some potential flora based profits.

As it’s a relatively unexplored market with many flower wholesalers earning their business via word of mouth it was harder than first expected to find a supplier that could meet the needs of our members. As always when tasked with finding a new wholesaler perseverance is the key and after sustained and often fruitless, or should we say flowerless, enquiries our research team finally encountered a supplier that could fit the bill.

The supplier we have found only deals in the finest freshly cut flowers ensuring the highest quality produce for your business. They deal with all types of businesses from one-man bands to established florists and can supply a massive range of species from roses to lilies and asclepias! So don’t miss out on some Valentine’s Day sales – deal in some fresh flowers!

Wholesale Roses & Fresh Cut Flowers

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