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Purchasing Wholesale Pallets

As a wholesale buyer there are a variety of products out there that can potentially make you a healthy profit. But one source of stock that many buyers utilise is wholesale pallets. Wholesale Scout has put together some ideas on how to source these products and weighs up the pros and cons.

What Are Wholesale Pallets?
Wholesale pallets are pallets of stock, usually made up of discontinued items, liquidation products or returns. You can usually grab a bargain from the wholesale supplier but it is a risk as you usually buy the entire pallet so you can’t go looking through it all. Wholesale pallets can be made up of mixed stock but usually they are a batch of similar products i.e. electrical goods, toys.

Benefits of Buying a Wholesale Pallet;
Large amount of stock
Cheap prices
You will build a good rapport with the supplier especially if you use them regularly
You will have a diverse inventory

Disadvantages of Buying a Wholesale Pallet;
It’s a risk
You’re potentially purchasing unwanted items
Could be stocking your inventory with products you can’t sell
You could buy damaged goods

How Do You Know How to Spot a Deal?
Spotting a good deal on a wholesale pallet can be difficult as often you have to trust the supplier and your own intuition. But you can delve into the product history a little – ask the wholesale supplier where they came from, if the products are similar, what kind of product they are etc

The best thing to do is to source wholesale pallets from a trusted supplier so if you have built up a good relationship with a supplier why not approach them to see if they have any available? It is vital that you do your research and that you feel comfortable buying the products because you don’t want to be left with a large amount of stock that you can’t budge.

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