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Christmas is fast approaching and one of the most popular products at this time of year is perfume and aftershave.

Perfume and aftershave are a popular gift item during the festive months. That’s obvious because all of the high street stores seem to have offers on these products and slash prices to encourage bulk buying every year. And it works. Thousands of consumers buy fragrances in the lead up to Christmas and therefore it’s a market that wholesale buyers should look at stocking up on to beat competition.

The team at Wholesale Scout have just compiled this month’s wholesale case study and have found a wholesale supplier that can offer designer fragrances at competitive prices.

Generally consumers will hunt out bargains but during Christmas, most consumers will be looking to source designer brands and well-known names. Chanel, Calvin Klein and Diesel are just a few of the brands that sold well last year.

For resellers this market is potentially very lucrative. With many consumers looking to cut costs and skip the festive queues and hoards of people, lots of people will be buying online this year. So if you’re a reseller with an online business – get stocking up on wholesale fragrances to keep up with demand. If you don’t have an online store use sites like eBay and other online stores to reach customers.

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