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Find Running Gadgets at Wholesale Prices

Running is one of the most popular sports and hobbies around. It requires little cost to get started so whether it’s creating a get fit routine, trying to lose weight or trying to beat a personal best – many consumers take up this sport as a hobby. And as the warmer weather hits the UK more and more runners will be getting outside to train. There are a number of gadgets on the market specifically aimed at runners and if you’re a wholesale buyer looking for some new products to invest in, this could be your chance. Find below a list of gadgets that are proving popular at the moment and some ideas of where you could find them from wholesale suppliers:


Armbands are popular with most consumers that do exercise but they are especially popular with runners. Armbands are attached to a runner’s arm and can hold a phone or iPod in them making it easier to run and listen to music at the same time. Many of these armbands can be found online – one look at sites like Amazon will show you just how many companies are selling them. It’s a popular product to search for online so if you can find them at a low wholesale price you could potentially resell them quickly for profit.


There are so many headphones on the market but there are many wireless and Bluetooth models that are marketed to runners. The team at Wholesale Scout have been looking for the best deals on headphones and have found some trusted wholesale suppliers offering well known brands at trade prices. Monster Beats by Dr Dre is one of the most popular headphone sets around and the team has found a wholesaler selling them. Other headphones you can pick up at well below their RRP include Sennheiser heaphones and Sony headphones.


GPS trackers and fitness trackers are very popular gadgets at the moment. Gadgets like the Garmin Forerunner 610 are popular with keen sportspeople as they can help them monitor and improve performance. The Garmin wristband series allows users to track their routes and compete with their personal bests. The Garmin also measures the impact of each run on the user’s aerobic fitness. The Nike+ Fuel Band is also popular – teaming a useful bit of kit with a nice looking accessory. The smart band is worn on the wrist and looks futuristic with its fancy LED display. The band, although can’t track GPS on its own, can tell the person wearing it the amount of steps they have taken and the calories they have burned for up to a week. Pretty cool stuff and no doubt popular with gym go-ers too.


Although many consumers use their phone to listen to tracks, many still look for dedicated MP3 players to help them get through their runs and iPods remain the most popular MP3 player out there. Available in a range of colours and models, reselling iPods should definitely see your sales increase.

There are a lot more running gadgets on the market making waves – to look for more product ideas and to find products like this at wholesale prices head to the wholesale sports and leisure section.
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