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Shoe Your Way into Profit with Vans Footwear

With international sales revenue of over $200m USD there’s not too many sneaker fans out there that haven’t heard of US footwear giant Vans. Exceedingly popular in the UK, Vans started out in California pre-dominantly marketing to skateboarders and other street extreme sports where during the 70s the company experienced a huge boom in popularity. Nowadays you’ll find someone with a pair of Vans trainers on every UK high street and they are stocked by all of the UK’s biggest footwear retailers. The beauty of the Vans range is that it is ever evolving resulting in the customers always wanting the latest styles and designs on their feet – this has been the company’s secret to success over the last decade or so.

After examining the demand out there in the retail sector the research team at Wholesale Scout set about finding a trade supplier of Vans footwear that could provide our members with profitable wholesale prices. As is always the case with well known popular brands finding a good wholesaler can be a nightmare with a plethora of counterfeit goods out there or traders without stock in hand. However after much trawling and investigation the research team found a supplier perfect for the job and one that sells a great range of popular vans at very profitable prices. Here is just a sample of their stock;



Wholesale Price per Unit

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per Order

Vans Classic Unisex Style Thick Sole Trainer

£25.75 +VAT

£40 +VAT

+£57(MOQ of 4)

Mens Vans Slip On Canvas Trainer

£19.95 +VAT

£40 +VAT

+£240 (MOQ of 12)

Vans Brown Low Canvas Trainer

£19.95 +VAT

£40 +VAT

+£200 (MOQ of 10)

Vans Thurso Boot Grey

£19.95 +VAT

£35 +VAT

+£75 (MOQ of 5)

*All prices correct at the time of writing.

With almost 100% return on investment to be made with each style of shoe you are certain to profit from selling Vans footwear at these prices so get in touch with this supplier today!

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