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Find Wholesale Flip Flops

Flip flops are a popular purchase during the summer months in the UK and could be a profitable investment for your wholesale buying business.

Many consumers head to high street retailers and online stores before the summer to stock up on appropriate footwear. As well as being popular as fashion items in the UK, flips flops are bought in high volumes during the summer months for those heading abroad and on holiday.

A quick glance in any high street fashion retailer will demonstrate just how popular these items are. Most stores are beginning to stock a variety of flip flops. Bright colours, pastel colours, flat flip flops, wedge flip flops and flip flops with diamonds and decorative items on are all very popular. And with the majority of these retailing at over £20 a pair, they can be very lucrative for retailers.

If you are running a wholesale reselling business then contacting wholesale suppliers who specialise in wholesale footwear could increase your sales this summer. Whether you sell online or visit car boot sales or markets to sell on products, flip flops can definitely be a wise purchase.

With so many consumers looking for the best deals, if you price these items competitively then you should encourage repeat purchases. Invest in a variety of different styles and also look at sourcing both high street and high end products. Designer footwear is popular so finding designer wholesale suppliers could boost your sales.

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