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How to Source Wholesale Nail Varnish

Nail varnish can be worth a lot to your wholesale business, especially if you use the most competitive wholesale suppliers.

The health and beauty industry in the UK is booming and is reportedly worth over £15bn. A large portion of the industry is taken up by makeup sales, but there is another product that seems to remain popular with consumers.
Nail varnish and polish is very popular in the UK, with women all over the country visiting salons to have the latest gelish or shellac nails painted on their fingertips. In 2011, nail varnish sales increased by 54% and it was thought that nail varnish was the consumer recession-proof choice when it came to beauty purchases. And today those sales figures appear just as strong.

A recent survey by Original Additions found that the average woman spends £400 a year on nails and that 80% of women wouldn’t attend a job interview without a manicure. Although many women choose to treat their nails to a salon manicure, many people are on a budget and find this tradition too expensive to keep up with. But those who can’t afford to visit a salon will visit a beauty retailer, the high street or search online for their products and approach a more DIY attitude.

If you are a reseller this is definitely an area that could see your profits increase rapidly. By stocking up on a variety of products – including a variety of colours and brands, you should be able to sell on your purchases via your own website or another popular retail website.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of beauty suppliers that can provide stock at good prices and there are also a number of branded items listed like Barry M nail varnish.

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