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Find Wholesale GPS and Sat Nav Products

With more and more consumers using private transport to travel, investing in GPS and sat nav equipment could be good for your wholesale business.

Since their inception, satellite navigation systems have proven very popular with consumers all over the country. Using GPS (global positioning system) technology, sat navs can navigate users to their destination by voice instructions and visual aids. Sat navs are used for a variety of occasions including travel and business. Many sat nav systems have incorporated some gimmicks to keep consumers entertained too – with some allowing their users to change the sat nav voice to a famous one, including voices of famous actors and celebrities.

Although the introduction of smart phones has seen many consumers downloading apps to direct them places, there are still a considerable amount of sat nav systems sold in the UK.

A look in the wholesale success stories section will outline just how lucrative this market can be. Binatone started out modestly and has become one of the largest manufacturers of sat navs in the UK. Other large manufacturers include Tom Tom and Garmin.

The demand for sat nav and GPS equipment is still obvious. Last year a report showed that even ramblers and those going on walking holidays rely on their sat navs instead of a traditional map. Ordnance Survey reported last year that since 2005 sales of their paper maps have dropped by 25%.

The satellite navigation sector is now a very lucrative one and a multi million pound market. To grab a portion of this market look at contacting wholesale suppliers via the site and start increasing your sales today.

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