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As spring approaches many people will be looking to get into shape for summer and will be using gym equipment to do it.

Many people start the year by concentrating on getting fit and a natural way to do this is to join a gym. Almost nine million people in the UK are members of a gym – whether it be pay monthly contracts or pay as you go. That’s 17% of the UKs adult population. And with so many people heading to the gym and working out, this is a market wholesale buyers can’t afford to miss out on.

Many retailers specialise in gym equipment and sportswear because they are products that are needed for a variety of reasons. Some consumers need kit for the gym while others need it for weekly hobbies and sports teams. Exercise essentials include sportswear, trainers, water bottles, gym bags, ankle supports, MP3 players…the list goes on! This is a lucrative industry and profits can definitely be made by resellers. Many consumers search for gym wear throughout the year and usually renew their gym clothes and trainers once a year too so it’s also an industry that is worth stocking up on. You can stock up and find the best deals by contacting wholesale suppliers regularly.

Although there are millions of gym members in the country, a survey last year revealed that approximately £37m is wasted a year on unused memberships and classes. This indicates that many consumers still have a ‘do it at home’ attitude so investing in gym products for the home could be a good money making venture too.

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