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Wholesale Retro Sweets can be an Old Fashioned Route to Profits

Do you remember Catherine Wheels, Bon Bons and Kola Cubes? Do you fancy a bag of them right now? A lot of people do and these sweets, although old fashioned, are far from a relic of the past – they are actually an in demand product and can prove somewhat difficult to get hold of for consumers which paves the way for the shrewd wholesale trader.

There’s always a fairly broad market for low value items such as sweets, their low price tag allowing consumers to buy them on impulse and meaning a sale is far easier to achieve when compared with selling a high priced piece of electronics. Ultimately this means they can become a great regular seller for first time wholesale buyers as they are not too expensive to stock and can be sold on to the consumer fairly easily. Strangely most locales no longer have an ‘Old Fashioned Sweet Shop’ and you may find that your area is lacking in this respect but that doesn’t mean the custom is not there. On a recent trip to a popular tourist town in the New Forest the WholesaleScout research team found that many of the holiday makers were filing into the retro sweet store on the high street exclaiming that “We can’t get these at home..!”

With this in mind the Wholesale Scout research team raided their contact books to find a reliable sweet wholesaler that could sell a wide range of sweets from retro to modern day major brands such as Haribo at prices that would allow our wholesale buying members to make a healthy profit even in the most competitive of market places such as eBay. After much calling around and hard work they did exactly that – finding an old fashioned sweets wholesaler worthy of being bought to the attention of our users. Here’s just a sample of the profit making deals on offer;



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 10 Units

Kola Cubes 3kg




Sherbet Liquorice Tubes x 48 Packs




Drumstick Chews – Raspberry & Milk Flavour – Box of 60




Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles – 60 in a Tub




*Prices listed are accurate at time of publishing

With supplier prices like this, what are you waiting for? Dive in to the sweet market today and taste the profits!

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