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  • Dr-Prepare-Camping-Shower-Portable-Outdoor-Camp-Shower-Bag-with-Pressure-Foot-Pump-and-Shower-Nozzle-Solar-Shower-for-Beach-Swim-Travel-Hiking-15L-Black-0
  • Dr-Prepare-Camping-Shower-Portable-Outdoor-Camp-Shower-Bag-with-Pressure-Foot-Pump-and-Shower-Nozzle-Solar-Shower-for-Beach-Swim-Travel-Hiking-15L-Black-0-0
  • Dr-Prepare-Camping-Shower-Portable-Outdoor-Camp-Shower-Bag-with-Pressure-Foot-Pump-and-Shower-Nozzle-Solar-Shower-for-Beach-Swim-Travel-Hiking-15L-Black-0-1

Dr. Prepare Camping Shower, Portable Outdoor Camp Shower Bag with Pressure Foot Pump and Shower Nozzle, Solar Shower for Beach Swim Travel Hiking – 15L, Black

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Dr. Prepare 15L Camp Shower is large in capacity, compact in size, and light in weight.

√ Whether during a camping in the forest or on a road trip, you can place the solar shower bag in direct sunlight to heat up water for a soothing hot baths.
√ The unique foot pump provides strong water pressure and steady water flow.
√ The water level window on the side of the solar shower reveals real-time water amount.
√ A silicone sleeve designed for the press-type nozzle frees your hands from holding the shower head all the time.
√ The high-grade waterproof material and protective belt on the lid contribute to watertight performance.
√ Comes with a zipped storage bag for mobility.
√ Applies to washing cars, bathing pets, rinsing dishes, gardening, and more.

How to Use:
1. Connect the foot pump to the shower bag through the air inlet. Then connect the water hose to the water outlet of the shower bag at its bottom.
2. Prior to the use, please open the lid of the foot pump on the top and shut off the lid at its bottom.
3. Open the lid of water inlet at the top of the shower bag, fill the bag with water (around 50%-75%), and close the lid.
4. Step on the foot pump and pump air into the shower bag until the shower bag is fully inflated.
5. Press the nozzle gently to spray water.
6. If water pressure goes down, please pump the shower bag again. Meanwhile, please check the remaining water capacity via the water level window.

Capacity: 15L
Material: waterproof PVC
Size: 18.1 x 7.9 inch
Net weight: 1.89lb
Length of shower hose: 78.7 inches

Package includes:
1 x Solar Shower
1 x Press-type Shower Head
1 x Foot Pump
1 x Zipped Storage Bag
【Solar-Heated】The large-capacity solar shower with premium waterproof black fabric is designed to soak up direct sunlight outdoors to provide up to 15L/4 gallons of comfortably warm water all summer long. (Note: you can add hot water that is not over 122°F directly to the shower bag as well.)
【Water Level Window】A simple glance through the transparent window on the side of this camp shower and you can check the amount of water remaining in the tank.
【Effortless Foot Pump】The innovative foot pump delivers steady pressure to lift water up to the height of 2 meters. Enjoy the same refreshing shower outdoors as you take back at home.
【Press-Type Nozzle】The press-type shower head allows you to easily control the water flow with its handle. A matched silicone sleeve (included) helps to fix the nozzle on branches and free your hands from holding it.
【Amazingly Compact】Easily fold or unfold your travel shower during your camping, road trip, cycling, and surfing. Works perfectly as a portable shower for washing vehicles (sedans, motorcycles, bikes, etc.), bathing pets, and rinsing dishes as well.