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Equestrian Wholesalers – Profit in the Equine Industry

Britain has a love affair with the horse – a noble creature that played a pivotal part in our way of life before the combustion engine came along. The horse is an animal that still plays an influential role in the recreation of Britons with a study by The Horse Trust showing that over 4 million British people take to the saddle each year. The same study revealed that the UK spends around £2.6 million per year on horse riding and equestrian products – this is a burgeoning market and one we at think some wholesale buyers are missing out on.

As horse riding is a relatively niche activity, especially to those living in large cities, it tends to get over-looked in the world of wholesale trade buying and re-selling however it is a very profitable industry where the mark up on products can be as much as 90% even in competitive sales arenas such as eBay! With this in mind the research team at have sought out the ideal equestrian products wholesaler to allow our users to enter into this growing market. Here are just some of the products available from this highly recommended wholesale supplier;



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 5 Units

Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Numnah




Professional Quality Horse Sports Boots




All Purpose Saddle Pad Numnah




Roma Quilted Saddle Pad (Range of Colours)




*Prices are listed in GBP but wholesaler is based outside the UK – prices correct at time of publishing with current exchange rate

With some items giving a 100% return on investment keen wholesale buyers should not delay and get into the equestrian market today by contacting this wholesaler.

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