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Solar Plane Lands; Source Wholesale Solar Lights

A solar panelled plane has completed a 1,500 mile flight and landed safely in Morocco.

The plane, which landed yesterday, is powered by 12,000 solar cells and is the size of a jumbo jet.

The recent journey demonstrated the power and innovation of solar powered products – as the plane was able to complete the flight purely by using energy from the sun.

This recent story highlights the development in solar technology and its commercial popularity. But it’s also proving very popular with consumers. Many people choose to power their homes using solar panels and many consumers are using this technology to decorate.

The demand is obvious as a variety of retailers now stock a selection of solar lights – in different shapes, designs and colours. The reason for their popularity is both aesthetic and pricing – running costs are non-existent as the lights power up with the sun in the day and display during the night.

Wholesale buyers can profit from this market by sourcing competitive wholesale suppliers of solar lights. Inventories can be stocked up all year too because solar lights don’t really have a sale-by date. From special occasions like birthdays and Christmas to summer evenings in the garden – they are popular all year round.

Many retailers offer these products at competitive prices though so for wholesale buyers it’s crucial to find competitive wholesale suppliers.

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