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Wii U Games Announced; Find Wholesale Nintendo Wii Consoles

Some titles of games for the new Nintendo console, the Nintendo Wii U, have been announced.

Recent reports have hinted that the new console will provide more of a variety than the first Wii model – including supplying games for ‘hardcore gamers’. The new console will provide a host of games including action based titles like Batman. And it’s set to provide better graphics for an all round better gaming experience.

The recent spotlight on this console, due out later this year, has re-ignited consumer passion and attention for the Wii brand.

Although many consumers will be looking to source the newer model, the Nintendo Wii remains as popular as ever and appeals to a mass market. The Wii Fit, the remote control and family-friendly games continue to increase the popularity of this console. During the first quarter of 2012 the Wii was leading the way in sales compared to other consoles like the Playstation and Xbox.

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