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Build Your Wholesale Profits By Investing in Toy Model Kits

The toy industry is huge in the UK, with recent reports suggesting the market is worth a whopping £3 billion. And that industry is expected to grow by £29 million this year and it’s not difficult to see why. There are so many toys on the market – from movie merchandise and techno toys to Lego and classic toys – the market is huge.

And despite new toys being brought out every year in conjunction with large events like movie releases or the upcoming world cup, there is one type of toy that remains as popular as ever. ‘Build it yourself’ toys like Lego, building blocks and collectible toys still continue to enjoy steady sales despite constant competition from other toys. Experts in the industry have also suggested that popularity in toys like this will never die – there will always be a place for ‘build it yourself’ toys. That may be because they appeal to a much larger audience. It seems ‘build it yourself’ toys are popular with both adults and children. Whilst children may seek out toys like Lego it seems adults tend to look for and purchase model kits.

Of course the profit-margins will vary largely depending on the model and manufacturer but there certainly seems to be some profit-making opportunities in this market. Popular manufacturers of kits include Revell, Tamiya and Dragon and there are a variety of models available for purchase from wholesalers. Popular model kits include military vehicles, figures, aircrafts, retro cars and ships.

The team at Wholesale Scout have seen some wholesale suppliers in this market offering some great deals and with opportunities to resell on sites like eBay for a profit, this is undoubtedly a great market to invest in for wholesale buyers.

Below are some of the most profitable wholesale deals we have found from suppliers:



Wholesale Price

Likely Re-Sale Price

Profit per 5 x Units

Ford Fiesta RS WRC 1:18 DieCast Model




Corgi RAF Commemorative Spitfire 1:72




Tamiya Jadtiger Military Model Kit




Revell 1:35 GTK Boxer Military Model Kit




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

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