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Find Cycling Items at Wholesale Prices

Cycling is a popular hobby, sport and get fit routine for many people in the UK and there are certainly lots of wholesale buying opportunities in this market that could see you increasing your wholesale profits.

Cycling has been around for decades but ever since high profile events like the Tour De France and the Olympics, cycling has become a popular sport for many people throughout the UK. Some consumers enjoy cycling as a hobby or a way of exercising and some use cycling as transport – commuting to work and travelling to local spots at the weekend can become a lot easier and cheaper on a bike.

Other consumers invest in the sport in a bit more of a serious way – joining cycling clubs in their local area and taking part in community rides and local events. Most towns and cities across the country will have a cycling community – whether it’s an annual charity event or a quarterly get fit bike ride – there are always bike events happening across the country. And if you are a reseller looking to invest in a sport – this could be it. There are a variety of bikes and accessories to choose from and as many people look online for spare parts and products, reselling online can certainly see your sales increasing.

The Wholesale Scout team have found some wholesale suppliers offering bikes and bike accessories at well below their RRP. Some suppliers offer mountain and BMX models whilst others offer road and hybrid bikes. So with a bit of research, you should be able to find a model you want to resale.

Police auctions are worth checking too as there can be some amazing deals had on second hand bikes. This police auction had an Apollo BMX available for £5 and with a resale price of £35 on sites like eBay, there are big profits to be made.

As well as buying and reselling bikes, you could invest in accessories stock as this is always needed. Accessories that could be worth investing in include weatherproof bike covers, lights, padded seat covers, handle bar covers, helmets, cycling shorts, water bottles, cycling shoes, bags and cleaning equipment.

Start searching the wholesale directory now to find wholesale suppliers and get reselling today!
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