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Brand Spotlight: AllSaints

All Saints Brand Spotlight

AllSaints is a British retailer, specialising in selling high-end, alternative clothes and accessories on the high street.

AllSaints was founded in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro and originally began its life trading as a wholesale men’s clothing brand. The company began as a wholesaler selling clothing items to high-end retailers including Harvey Nichols before finally opening their own retail store.

The first AllSaints store was opened in Carnaby Street in 1997 on All Saints Day. The clothing brand soon became known for its edgy rock n’ roll inspired designs and became popular with both consumers and celebrities. A year after the first store was opened the brand had grown so much that the owners decided to launch their first women’s wear line.

By 2004 there were ten stores dotted around the UK and the company began to set their sights overseas as part of their expansion. A few years later the first AllSaints US store was opened in New York which was quickly followed by Boston, LA, San Franciso, Miami and a chain of others. In 2013 the first store in Canada was opened too.

The brand now sells menswear, womenswear, footwear and accessories in department stores and high street stores across the world. They also sell their products online via their website.
AllSaints continues to stand out from other clothing retailers by positioning themselves with the music industry – they have collaborated with big name artists and also hold regular events to uncover unsigned talent. The brand continue to expand and their next project is to develop their brand across Asia.

It’s obvious that retailers like AllSaints are popular with consumers. With so many consumers trying to keep up with fashion trends and also using fashion as a personality statement, there will always be a demand for clothing and accessories.

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