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Choosing a Low Cost Wholesale Supplier

There are many reasons for choosing a wholesale supplier and pricing is one thing a lot of buyers decide on. Choosing a wholesale supplier that offers the best price can mean your profit margins increase. But there are a few checks you should make to ensure you are actually getting the best deal.

Minimum Order

At first glance a wholesale supplier may look reasonable but do they have a minimum order amount? If they require a buyer to purchase large volumes of stock and you don’t intend to, then you’re probably not securing yourself the best deal. Ensure you look into this before you decide on a supplier and use wholesale directories to verify information.

Shipping Costs

Looking at shipping costs can help you to determine the best price. It may not seem like it affects costs but the higher the shipping costs the less profit you will make in the end. You need to think about all of your outgoings too.

Return Policies

Choosing a supplier solely on price can be a risk. If you receive the products and you’re not happy you need to know you can return them/query the sale. If a supplier doesn’t offer returns this can affect your long term cash flow so ensure you check this out.

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