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How to Build Customer Loyalty on Your Wholesale Website

If you are running a wholesale business online then you’ll know the importance of your online customers. An e-commerce site is only successful if you receive a good level of traffic and if your customers buy. Here are some tips on how to build brand loyalty and get your customers purchasing.

Website Design

Your website design is crucial and should be evaluated regularly. If you have a messy website that is difficult to navigate and doesn’t give enough product information then you are likely to lose trust from your customers and this will no doubt affect your sales and growth. Ensure you look at your website design regularly, assess your competitors and ensure you are keeping up to date.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are essential in order to build trust. If a customer lands on your website and can’t see the information they require then they are likely to go somewhere else. Spend time creating good product descriptions and be as open and honest as possible.


Photos can not only make your website look more interactive but it can help you to show off your products. A good picture could bag you a sale!


Ensure you have a contact page for your customers to get in contact with you. There are a number of contact forms used by businesses – email, phone, live support and social media are just a few of the ways a customer should be able to get in contact with you. Having a contact page will also allow you to receive feedback from your customers which could be essential during website updates and product selection.

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