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How to Gain Interest from Your Customers

Whether you are running an online wholesale business or are working from a car boot sale, you need to gain interest from your customers in order to make a sale. Check out the tips below to help you grab their attention!

• Good product selection is crucial. If you are trying to sell products that are out of season or old then you may find it difficult. Do your research – find out what is selling well and what your competitors are selling on in order to gain maximum attention from customers. When doing this ensure you contact the most competitive wholesale suppliers to ensure maximum return on investment.

• An eye-catching point of sale can really help to boost customer numbers. If you walk into a high street store you’ll see their best product at the end of the stand or they will have a bright stand showcasing their latest products. These are designed to draw customers in off the street and you need to do the same. Consider your best product and place it somewhere where your customers will see it.

• Pricing is crucial. Slash your prices and put on deals if you want to gain more customers. Be careful not to slash your profit margins though.

• Clarity is vital. Clearly labelling up products, putting prices on them and providing a brief product description can really help to keep a customer’s attention. Ultimately, the longer you keep them at your store, the more chance you have of them making a purchase.

• Variety is vital too if you want to gain a big amount of customers. Not everyone will like the same thing so you need to try and appeal to everyone with both your product selection and layout.

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