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How to Sell Your Products via Social Media

Social media sites are everywhere! Businesses and individuals use social media sites every day to promote news, share thoughts and interact. So if you are looking to sell wholesale products online, this is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore. Check out these tips to find out how you can increase sales using social media.

Set Up Your Profile

The first step in selling your products online is to set up your social sites and profile. Choose the social platforms you want to be on whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Linked In and create your profile. Upload your company logo, include a short description of your business and link to your website.

Search for Key Words

You then need to search for key words that are relevant to your business and wholesale products. If you have set up a Twitter account use the search box (#) to search for relevant posts. For example if you are trying to sell MP3 players then search for electrical items, consumer electronics, mp3, music, downloads, wholesale etc and join in with the conversation! Similarly you can search for groups on Facebook that are similar to yours and post comments. Doing this will allow you to promote your business profile and could also lead to new customers following your activity and updates on your social networks which in turn could boost sales.

Post News

To sell products on social media sites, you can’t just constantly update links to your website and shopping cart and ask people to buy from you. This will make your readers switch off – as most customers don’t like the ‘hard sale’ and most social media users want entertaining copy. Instead you should use subtle ways to get people to view your products, post about newsworthy topics, create a blog on your website and write comments that could create conversation and link to any special offers you have. Doing this will gain you followers and business in the long term.

Link to Products

In your online profile you need to ensure that visitors can actually find your products if they want to buy them. So if you have a website, a blog or a regular site you sell from ensure you let your followers know!

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