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How to Stay Motivated When Running a Wholesale Business

Running a wholesale business can be quite tough. Most resellers work all hours of the day and it can be quite difficult to turn your hard work into profits. If you feel unmotivated take a look at the tips below to help you keep your business on track.


One of the easiest ways to stay motivated is by networking with people in your industry. Talk to wholesalers and get out to industry events to find out what is selling well and products that are currently trending. If you are selling your products online and spend all day sitting at your computer you can feel isolated. It’s vital that you socialise and meet people in order to stay motivated.

Set Goals

If your business isn’t doing as well as you had expected it could be because you were being unrealistic about your goals and targets. It’s vital you set realistic goals and targets – not only will this give you something to aim for but it can also help you to assess business trends i.e. busiest time of year. This will also help when it comes to budgeting. Set monthly goals and assess your business performance regularly to keep your business on track.

Build Rapport

Building rapport with key contacts like wholesale suppliers is crucial if you want to increase profits and stay motivated. Having a good relationship with wholesalers will help you to secure stock at competitive prices. Browse the wholesale directory if you are looking for suppliers to contact.


Researching product trends and what your competitors are selling can really help you to maximise your sales. Also research seasonal items – what is going to be popular during Valentines, the summer and Christmas? Knowing what items to stock up on could help you to boost sales.

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