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Tips on Dropshipping

One effective way of selling products with little or no storage space is dropshipping. Dropshipping allows you to take orders from customers and deliver them directly to the customer via a dropshipper – so no need for you to store the products. Although a small fee is taken by the dropshipper, selling products like this means you can cut costs on storage space. If you are thinking of introducing dropshipping to your business check out these tips to help you maximise profit.

Find Products

The first thing to do is to find out what is selling well and what is creating good margins. Do your research online and by speaking to industry contacts. What is popular? What is selling fast? These are the items you should focus on in order to gain the best return on investment.

Contact Dropshippers

The next step is to find a dropshipping company to do business with. You need to find a company that can provide the products you are looking for and one that has a good reputation. As the dropshipping company will deal with the customer directly, you need to know that they are delivering their products on time and in good condition. Search for company reviews and ensure they are reputable before you start working with them.

Check their Fees

Before you start selling products ensure you check the dropshipping company’s pricing. You need to know what kind of prices you will be paying in order to work out your profit and to get a good idea of figures.


After you start dropshipping you should review your service every week – how many products have you sold? What is your best seller? Have there been any other dropshipping companies that you want to look into? Reviewing this will help you to keep on top of products trends and to maximise sales

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