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Tips on How to Set Up an e-Commerce Website

The internet is a powerful tool for sourcing wholesale suppliers and stock. But as well as this the web can be a very effective advertising tool for wholesale buyers and setting up your own e-Commerce website is the perfect way of doing this.

An e-Commerce website simply means a website where your customers can view your business and products online and make orders and purchases from you over the internet.

How many times have you spoken with a wholesale supplier and Googled them afterwards? The internet is a good way of verifying a business’s legitimacy and your customers may want to do the same with you. It will demonstrate you are professional and can make your business appear bigger than it is.

The thought of setting up a website might be quite daunting but it is actually easier than you might think. With websites like Magento you can set up your site with very little cost too.

Here are some ideas to think about before you embark on setting up an e-Commerce website for your wholesale buying business:

Coming up with a website name can be difficult if the URL has already been taken. Obviously you will want to name it after your business but if that is not available you need to ensure your site title is brief and catchy.

You need to ensure you are creating a site that looks good. You don’t have to use a web designer for this – by simply searching the internet you will be able to find a variety of website templates that can be downloaded. They might not be ‘singing and dancing’ but they do the job at a low cost.

Content is king. If your website does not have good content including pictures/videos it is likely to bore your visitor. Website visitors will also want to read as much as possible about a product before they part with any money so getting the sections of the site right is vital. There are professional Copywriters that you can bring in on a freelance basis to help you with this or you can attempt it on your own, depending on how confident you are.

Website Hosting
Finding a reputable web hosting company is crucial – you do pay a small monthly fee for this but it is unavoidable. Try and look for one that has 24/7 availability so if your website ever lets you down you can contact them immediately.

Payment Methods
You need to set up a shopping cart in order for people to buy from your website and set up the relevant merchant accounts. You can find companies who offer this by searching on the internet.

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