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Wholesale Tips: Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Many wholesale buyers choose to operate their business from home. And while this offers lots of flexibility it’s crucial that you stay motivated in order to boost your wholesale profits. Here are a few tips to help you keep motivated.

Don’t Lose Contact with Your Suppliers

If you are working from home it can be easy to source products purely from the internet. Although this can be very effective, you should try and keep in contact with suppliers too. Consider visiting wholesalers a few times a month. It’s always good to put a face to a name and if a wholesale supplier sees you regularly it could help you build rapport and gain good prices.

Visit Customers Regularly

Don’t lose touch with your customer base. Many consumers visit market stalls to browse products on offer. Consider visiting these too to see what customers are searching for and purchasing.

Be Aware of Your Competitors

If you work from home you are unlikely to see your competitors face to face. Although you can keep an eye on other retailers on the internet (especially if you are operating an e-Commerce website) it is still worth visiting shopping centres and market stalls. A quick visit to one of these will show you what other buyers are selling on and could give you inspiration for new products.

Stay Online

If you are working from home it’s more than likely you operate an e-Commerce website or use sites like eBay to sell products. It is vital that you stay online and use social networking sites to find out what products are popular. Sites like eBay Pulse and Pinterest can give you an idea of popular online brands and trends. It’s crucial that you stay connected with your customers.

Stay Motivated

If you are working from home it can be very easy to stray away from work. But if you are too flexible your wholesale business could suffer. Consider giving yourself strict working hours including a lunch break to create a structured environment. It’s also vital to have a working space so having a desk or a particular room to work from could be beneficial.

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