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Why You Should Import

Wholesale businesses will often find themselves faced with the question – ‘should I order products from overseas’? And the simple answer is yes.

Sourcing products and wholesale suppliers overseas can be very beneficial. By using an import company you can find products that are exclusive and you can get a great price – if you know how to bargain with your wholesaler.

Many businesses, especially new ones, might be wary of importing goods from abroad. The main concern is similar to that of dropshipping – you haven’t met the company or seen their products and they are miles away. But it can very simple. By applying the same rules you use to function in your own area you can ensure you get the best deal.

Research the company, ask for samples, speak with suppliers and spend time scouring wholesale directories to build up a list of reputable names. Using the internet and your own networking you can also find out company reviews and information.

Perhaps the most advantageous thing about importing is that you can find competitive prices which makes it easier to build your profits. Be aware of wholesale scams (i.e. illegitimate products) by ensuring you spend plenty of time communicating before you purchase.

If you are still wary why not try a test run? If you can find a supplier who doesn’t have a minimum order, test a batch of products and evaluate your return on investment.

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