Trading Advice

Working with a Manufacturer

If you have an e-Commerce business you may find yourself working directly with a manufacturer and selling products. Generally manufacturers work with larger companies who can buy in bulk but occasionally they do business with smaller wholesale businesses. So regardless of the size of your wholesale business, you should be prepared to work with manufacturers for the future.

One great advantage of using a manufacturer is that usually you will have access to brand new products. Manufacturers obviously produce products firsthand so therefore if you are dealing with them directly you are usually privy to items before others are. This will help to boost your inventory and attract more customers but be sure to negotiate pricing. You need to ensure you are getting the best prices in order to maximise your profits.

Just like when you are sourcing a wholesale supplier you should do plenty of research before working with a manufacturer. What is their return policy? How large do the orders have to be? Can you buy pallets? How do they ensure good product quality – do they offer samples? These are all questions you should be asking before you purchase stock. Although manufacturers are usually well known and reliable, scanning the internet for reviews and information is a good habit to get into.

Putting actions like these into place will ensure you get access to good products and that you safeguard your wholesale business.

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