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Working With Reputable Dropshipping Companies

It doesn’t happen very often but every now and then you may find yourself dealing with an unreliable company and this can happen if you start offering dropshipping as one of your services.

Just like when you are searching for wholesale suppliers, it is crucial that you search long and hard for respected dropshipping companies. Look for online reviews, ask people you have networked with for their opinion on the company and remain vigilant.

The rise of the internet has led to an increase in some companies being able to offer ‘fake’ services. The last thing you want is to place an order with a dropshipping company that will take your money and leave your customer without their goods. This will reflect badly on you and could damage your reputation.

Here are some tips on how to find the best dropshipping companies;

Look for Reviews

The internet is a powerful marketing tool for any company but it can also do damage – why? Because online review sites now make it possible to review a company’s service and report back on any bad findings. If you have ever visited sites like Play or ebay you will notice that suppliers listed will have profiles. Everything is rated here by their customers including speed of service, communication and products. Ensure you look for any online reviews of dropshipping companies to get an idea of how popular and reliable they are and read others’ comments.


A reputable dropshipping company will have a website and on their website there should be a thorough ‘about’ section and contact information. If there is not it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a ‘fake’ company but you need to be sure you can contact them if something goes wrong with the order.


Have you ever asked a wholesale supplier for samples? Well wholesale buyers should be able to ask dropshipping companies for them too. Be wary of any company that refuses to send them or asks for an extortionate fee for doing so.

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