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How to Maximise Profit at a Car Boot Sale

The weather in the UK is heating up and so car boot sale time is almost upon us. During the warmer months many towns and villages play host to car boot sales, usually most weekends through the summer months. Car boot sales give people the opportunity to sell on products and items that they no longer use. But they are also a great place for wholesale buyers to meet customers and sell products. If you are running a wholesale buying business and are thinking of going to a car boot sale, here are some tips to help you get your profits off the ground.

Product Search

The first thing you’ll need to do is find products! If you haven’t been to a car boot sale before then visit one before you start contacting wholesalers to get an idea of what products are popular and what people sell. Generally people will sell a variety of products but items that seem popular include clothing and household items. Make some notes on the types of products you would like to sell. If you already have a batch of products then definitely try selling them at a car boot sale – it will usually only cost you around £5 for a pitch (depending on location) and so it won’t take you long to get into profit.


In order to maximise sales at a car boot sale you need to turn up early! You need to secure a good pitch so turning up early is essential. Securing a good pitch, either at the beginning of the car boot sale or halfway round, will ensure you get the maximum amount of customers looking at your stall. If you place your stall at the end of the car boot sale then customers may start to lose interest so gaining a good position is essential to your success.


Although customers expect to see odd items at a car boot sale, clearly labelling your products could actually help you to secure sales especially if you are offering low prices. By labelling your products with a brief description and an attractive price, customers are more likely to visit your stall to read more about it. If you don’t label your products or lay them out well, it’s likely that customers will skip your pitch and move on to the next.


You won’t secure sales without trying to sell! It’s crucial that you are vocal whilst at a car boot sale. Make sure customers know what you are selling, what special offers you have on and build rapport with your customers. People also like to haggle at a car boot sale so consider this when pricing your products – start high and know your lowest price and negotiate with customers.

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