Trading Advice

Offering Wholesale Samples

When dealing with your wholesale supplier it can be extremely beneficial to ask for samples. Samples will allow you to not only have a look at the product before ordering a large amount, but it will also allow your customers to test the product.

As a wholesale buyer ordering samples from your supplier can be great for your business. You can send these directly to your customers which will increase your legitimacy and hopefully your customers will repeat purchase from you – if the products are right.

Sometimes it pays to take risks – like ordering a wholesale pallet. But playing it safe by regularly sourcing samples before you make a purchase can help you to streamline your business and boost your customer base. If you have built a good rapport with your wholesale supplier ordering samples should be easy.

Ordering samples can also help to;

Compare manufacturers. If you order a variety of products from different manufacturers you will have a better idea of who to order from

Ensure you don’t bulk buy from a wholesale supplier before you’ve seen the product

Save on cost if the product samples are not what you thought they were

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