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The Benefits of Having an e-Commerce Website

Many wholesale buyers are choosing to host their business online via an e-Commerce website and this can have many advantages.

There is no doubt that the internet plays a huge part in business today. And as a wholesale buyer your business can definitely be boosted by having an online presence. Here’s how:

Instant Access for Your Customers

Setting up an e-Commerce website will mean your customers can have access to your products twenty four hours a day. This can be really powerful in helping you to bring in extra orders. Customers often like to browse the internet for products as there is no ‘pressure to buy’ and they can do it at their own pace. If you include a contact form or shopping cart on your website you can take orders, even when you’re not online.


An online aspect to your wholesale business can create a better image for your company. If you are a small business it can actually help you to appear bigger – and it’s always a good place for a wholesale supplier to visit to find out more about you as a buyer.

Product Displays

As soon as you have a new product added to your inventory you can share this with your customer base instantly.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is based around your listing in search engines like Google. You will move higher up the list as you add keywords and descriptions to your site. This can be really powerful and can help you to attract new customers. For more information about this read our article on how to construct your e-Commerce website literature.

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